An OFFSHORE story -We thought Daddy worked on an aeroplane..

Three weeks after the birth of my first child I started working fly-in fly-out in the offshore oilfeilds, gas and maritime industry.

Since then my children have always seen me go to work at the airport. Like many children with parents working in the oil and gas industry they thought their Dad worked on a aeroplane- they were wrong. 

This story beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written recounts one offshore worker's journey to work.

Retelling his story from the moment his companies office sends his flight details, to boarding the plane, safety inductions, including life on board the vessel to when he return safely to his family its a great insight into a wonderfully varied industry and lifestyle.

Complete with a glossary it will help children understand that daddy doesn't just go 'away' but goes to a place of work. This book will help possibly piece together what is often a mystery for children of what happens after the airport drop off. 

Frank Bergram SuperIntendant for Allseas on the Audacia- "This book is a wonderful representation of our industry and why we do what we do". 

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